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The color of your nipple may be your illness. _39 Health Net woman.

Тема в разделе 'Half-Life', создана пользователем gnijwang0p8n, 6 июн 2018.

  1. gnijwang0p8n Member

    when the color of the female nipple and the areola changes, do not have to be too nervous, first make clear is the physiological changes or pathological changes, if it is physiological changes, do not worry, if the pathological changes need to be in time to the hospital for medical treatment.
    physiological changes
    1, after women's pregnancy, from early pregnancy, the color of the nipple and the areola can be deepened, from light red to dark brown. This change is mainly due to the increase of estrogen and progestin in the body after pregnancy,Please login or register to view links, which is a normal physiological change.
    2, some women, in the absence of pregnancy, the color of the nipple, the areola also slowly deepened,Please login or register to view links, from the pink to dark brown, if a breast examination can not find any lesions,Please login or register to view links, but this color changes suggest that the woman at this time the "sex" in the body increased estrogen, perhaps over a period of time. Due to self regulation, the level of estrogen returned to normal, and the color of nipple and areola returned to normal, which is still a normal physiological change.
    pathological changes
    1, nipple, areola color deepened,Please login or register to view links, accompanied by double nipples and around the areola of strange itching, breast physical examination can be found in bilateral or unilateral breast hyperplastic lesions or cystic hyperplasia. The deepened color of nipple and areola indicates that the level of estrogen in the body increases.
    2, nipple, and areola of pure color deepened, become dark brown or dark brown, and even found a small nodule around the areola gland, forming a protuberance at this time, and there was no lesion in the breast. Should patients have serious liver disea

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