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    in the first stop of the national food quality and safety supervision and inspection center through the glass window which is a testing room How to extract samples Inspection center chief engineer Cao Hong told reporters that the inspection here covers most of China's food industry categories center every year about sampling at least more than 10 thousand food samples every time is directly to the enterprise product warehouse spot seal ensure fair and accurate detection last year the quality of the elimination of 40% dairy companies national quality inspection administration director Zhi Shuping at the launching ceremony last year quality inspection system to investigate cases of illegal food quality since 28 thousand and the 1176 dairy enterprises review out of the 40% dairy companies while the more than and 760 dairy companies audited by the technical support of up to about 4000000000 yuan to enhance the detection ability Zhi Shuping also said that the food safety problem is the implementation of the "Four Musts" found the existence of a serious violation of the law must suspend production for rectification; rectification does not meet the requirements must revoke the production license; and the person responsible for the illegal enterprise must be severely punished according to the provisions; for suspected criminals must be transferred in accordance with the law the judicial organ At the same time requirements of enterprises investigated to be the source of raw materials product flow is not identified; product recall not treated off; illegal enterprises not punished not let go; enterprise management and regulatory measures are not in place left off; case warning education did not do since there are now enterprise quality safety is more a few producers of shoddy food processing and even play "hide and seek" "unspoken rule" some regulators not as chaotic as slow as according to its introduction the organization is currently being organized quality and safety risk

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