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    In Shanghai for example in the Chinese and foreign link a area of about 100 square meters of second-hand housing the listing price of between $2 million 500 thousand to $3 million This price level for ordinary working families indeed some reluctance Relevant data show that including Beijing Shanghai including large cities in the country the high price to income ratio which means that the current purchase costs are still high According to the first Pacific Davies released the relevant data show that the average price of residential housing in Shanghai and the average annual household income ratio of about 30 This means that in Shanghai a middle-income families to buy a 100 square meters of the need to struggle for the past 30 years the highest in the mainland Guangzhou and Beijing next about 28 years This is clearly higher than the level of overseas countries Such as Stockholm Sweden the ratio of about 11; Sydney Australia the house price income ratio of less than 10; while in Zurich Switzerland the ratio is well below the rate of 10 Faced with this situation do not buy a more realistic choice Establish the concept of renting life Rent should become a new concept of housing consumption Although the domestic rental market has long been and now has become relatively mature able to meet the needs of various types But it is undeniable that the rent is largely a last ditch in fact in our hearts the home has been as the first choice regardless of whether the conditions permit But overseas countries and regions are not so Data show that there are 60% Germans do not buy a house in 1993 the proportion of German ownership of property is 39% although over the past 18 years but the proportion rose by only a mere 4% it is very popular in Germany rental In Germany in addition to children with families and high-income earners the proportion of single family housing up to 72% the proportion of children without family rent reached 52% Although the United Kingdom Spain and Italy the

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