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Quiet, quiet to keep the flowers blooming

Тема в разделе 'Конкурсы: раздаем ключи!', создана пользователем gnijwang0p8n, 11 июн 2018.

  1. gnijwang0p8n Member

    HTML template, calm, quiet on the stranger flowers
    summer is blurred, time is shallow, and the end of the season is always tight. In autumn, I roll my feet, follow the fine sound of the piano, and bring the cool breeze of flowers to me. Watch the breeze and leave sweet moments in the broken time. I walk in the world without you, and see that piece of flower and sea, contending for beauty, all conquering, at the end of vision. - - the essays are so content that they look up at the 45 degree sky, and the deep blue,Please login or register to view links, mist and mist are particularly refreshing. Looking at things and thinking, old Chen Yunyan opened up a dusty memory in the sky sea. After cutting the red light and leaving the silhouette of the years, who blurred the man? Who smeared the shadow? Memories of the old wall, carved mottled, leaving an impression. The flowers of the road opened to me, and I walked through the spring and autumn seasons, and I toss in the rings of time. If life is like a first sight, why wait for the rising tide of sunset? Let's wait for words to bloom. Who's the one who once? Who broke the dust? In the cool afternoon, boil a fragrant tea, fade away from the annual ring, drink the tea, and enjoy the old time. A Nanke dream, broken between the branches, who and who wasted the century? Who and who wrapped up love? I give you a cup of clean dawn, you are Providence, I am dada's Horseshoe. The sea is dry and the stone is too small. The old days are so early that the smell of far fragrance is near, and the burning of the oath is not heard. The longer the time is, the longer and longer it will be. No matter who makes the world long, it is not to leave one person alone in the static window, to count the broken oath, and to see the cherry blossoms in tears. The wine and drink can not be separated from the vicissitudes of life in the world. A closed window can not hide the sadness. The right time to meet the wrong person is an

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