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Overseas investment in real estate is not easy. Beware of the four pitfalls over

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    [summary] the Spanish Commission is 15%, the Cyprus Commission is 20%... A house of 3 million yuan, with an agent commission of 600 thousand? Is that reasonable? It's a natural difficulty, but it's not surprising.
    After the
    economic crisis, the economies of southern European countries entered the freezing point. Governments of all countries have launched seemingly relaxed immigration policies to save the property market and drive the country's economic growth.
    , for example, Greece provides a 5 - year residence permit for Greece as long as it buys more than 250 thousand euros, and in Spain, aliens can get residence permits as long as they buy Spanish sovereign debt or property. While buying more than 500 thousand euros in Portuguese property, it can be completed within 24 hours,Please login or register to view links, and the right to live in the country for an average of 7 days a year, and so on.
    in the face of so many European immigration options, the domestic tyrants are ready to send, however, you need to be aware of the South European investment immigration trap a lot, can not be small.
    recently, Mr. Jefferson, the chief manager of the preferred fortune Overseas Property Department, told reporters with facts and data that you need to know a few things you need to know in southern Europe.
    trap 1: asymmetric information
    for domestic tyrants, an important reason for choosing Europe as a place for immigrant investment is the attractive social welfare of European countries. In general,Please login or register to view links, it is believed that the right to permanent residence is to enjoy the same welfare as the Europeans. Few people who enter European countries will enjoy the corresponding social benefits. These so-called social welfare are just the selling words of intermediaries.
    from the house price,Please login or register to view links

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