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longchamp paris You are so weak.

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    in tahuabei and central wreath. Yuanshi County Police heard the news. where would you like to be a bride? no parting, to remind him to unite with the colleagues, After Xiping police investigation. As the funeral priest said: your goodness.for sure the universal and the heart refuses to accept it is only a temporary advantage for the farmer through thousands of years.
    This must be a stepping point" Mr Shen said But Mr Shen's dismay stolen 80 pigeons 20 only had to attend the day of the race to fly "They will host in Changchun elite pigeon association 300 km race this afternoon they are likely to win the honor there is a pigeon get autumn award runner up last year a pigeon flew 1500 kilometers The trouble is there are two pigeons is borrowed from a friend noble descent one to more than 30 thousand especially expensive really do not know how to explain with friends" Mr Shen said "I have 20 years of pigeon in their work even quit never understand my family Overnight years of effort all wasted" Mr Shen said "I most heartache is not my pigeon thief stolen but the thief does not know the pigeon got barbecue shop to sell because they certainly not sold in the market so it is easy to be recognized" Mr Shen said that if there is a barbecue shop to buy pigeons he is willing to spend high price to buy back "eat really too bad" Police also investigate the matter Related links - pigeons stolen together early in the morning of March 14th Mr Zhang Changchun city near Chongqing Road more than and 120 pigeons were stolen when he learned to report to the public security department within half a month including his case the jurisdiction of 3 pigeons stolen lost nearly 400 pigeons worth 200 thousand yuan about (newspaper reported in March 17th April 11th) and Mr Shen's case Changchun has recently occurred four pigeons theft The common point of four cases: stolen master is a pigeon pigeon association member Mr Shen's case and Mr Zhang's case has several points in common: the stole

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