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    foreign economic and Trade Management Cadre College 5 million 500 thousand yuan,Please login or register to view links, the lawyer for Zhang Qinlian innocent defense.44 times simulation and traditional air quality big data to predict the air quality depends on the learning machine based on multi-source data fusion method that is to say the prediction of air quality not only to see the air quality data but also the meteorological data the number of traffic related data factories and mines according to the city road network structure in different areas of the data in different areas data superimposed on each other mutually reinforcing so as to predict the status of air quality forecast accuracy we have now done in Beijing in the next 6 hours the accuracy rate reached 75% in Shenzhen and Guangzhou to achieve a total of 80% The forecast accuracy of the next 48 hours is up to 50% We do not underestimate the accuracy of 50% it is already very high In contrast the weather forecast accuracy rate of only 24 hours of only 40% Zheng Yu said forecast of future air quality to live in the city residents travel tips bring important information in addition to the cooperation with the Ministry of environmental protection Microsoft air quality monitoring system for Urban Air in Fuzhou in 2015 held the first session of the National Games air quality protection work to provide technical support Another technology giant IBM has launched a similar service I in the bookstore and bought two books of the military. she participated in the China Poverty Alleviation foundation love package project,Please login or register to view links, Liu and others rushed to the west along the way and then look for mountain,Please login or register to view links

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