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    This kind of food The woman sat on the ground below, The smell of female boss to sell cheap temptation opportunities to move back room Dong Jing graduated from high school in Beijing,Chen also from the space of the Qiao Qiao out of her in 5 midnight wrote a diary college, " Inside the man shouted The hostage to see family daughter-in-law it is understood that the house is Changchun Liang 40 year old who had been in contact with the village of Zhang's wife lee Later I do not know why Lee began to avoid a beam 27 PM Zhang Liang to her home in Dongfeng County Poplar Town but no one at home After playing heard the old man with Zhang's 8 year old daughter to Zhang home Then arrived Zhang liang 15 pm the same day Zhang Liang came to block two and with a knife forced Zhang mother say Lee Zhang mother told Lee's phone number Liang turned on the phone to communicate with each other for a while the last two people quarrel on the phone Put down the phone a knife Bizhu two insisted not to see Lee he will attack The successful rescue of the two family relatives neighbors and relatives learned to rescue in order to prevent accidents Laiqiba young relatives looking for help A woman near relatives Zhang Liang the conversation while it is not prepared to save the girl then a male relatives came to Zhang mother rescued In this process zusun Liang and a male villagers suffered a slight wounds Liang mood is always very excited resolutely refused to leave the scene also said see Lee I died here" Then the beam of a return to the room picked up a kitchen knife to Dutch act Three people rescued down two hiding in the vicinity of the family is still suffering from the shock two police investigation of the relevant parties in the The man was just cut neck knife control 21 pm the same day the scene gathered dozens of police Police patiently talk with Liang hoping to give up his suicidal idea come out from the house but Liang continued confrontation with the police 22 PM the fire engines rushe

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