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Breast protection action starts from self touch, right self touch, quick get_39

Тема в разделе 'О сайте', создана пользователем gnijwang0p8n, 6 июн 2018.

  1. gnijwang0p8n Member

    touching breast actually has so many advantages for women!
    200 times a day to touch the chest immunity can enhance
    first, turn off the lights and go to bed at 21 PM to 23 PM. There are 5 sleep peaks in a man's day. The first peak is 23 at night. After missing, it can only sleep at second peaks - 2 a.m., and more importantly,Please login or register to view links, when the peak of sleep comes, the immune system has the strongest ability to self repair. If you can't fall asleep before 23, it will lead to a decline in immunity and induce diseases.
    second, walk on bare feet and grass shoes in the morning and walk for 15 minutes to 30 minutes on the grassland or the loess land. People absorb electromagnetic waves in the body every day because they touch a lot of electrical appliances. Barefoot or wearing sandals to walk, electromagnetic waves can be transmitted through the human foot plate in vitro.
    third, rub the thymus 200 times a day with your hands. The distance from the thymus to the subclavicular depression is about four fingers wide. Holding a hollow punch on both sides of the thymus to rub the body can enhance immunity.
    correctly detect breast health by
    1,Please login or register to view links. Observe
    stand, both arms hang on both sides, observe the shape of the breast, the normal arc shape is not regular,Please login or register to view links, there is no orange like small concave point,Please login or register to view links, or a small lacunae, when squeezing liquid from the nipple.
    two, self touch
    first touch the breast, then touch the underarm, and use the index finger of the middle finger and index finger to check the breast in one direction.
    three, decubitus check
    lie flat on the bed, with the nipple as the center, and massage the skin with the fingertips in a c

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