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Тема в разделе 'Half-Life', создана пользователем gnijwang0p8n, 11 июн 2018.

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    Teacher brother, but regrettable is now late. You say,Please login or register to view links, I say, snatching to say no stop. Pick the stars to listen to these flattering words, with a smile on her face, a slight nod, and a look at A Zi in a squint, slowly saying, "little sister, you are going to make a move!" "I don't do it." The star son said, "why?" I think it's a good job. " Ah purple Road: "I don't play with you." You want to kill me, even if you kill it. " "I don't want to kill you," exclaimed the star. It is a pity that you are such a lovely little girl that you are killed, but this is called impossible. If you don't commit such a great sin, I will never be in trouble with you. Little sister, you do it! " As he waved his sleeves, a strong wind blaze into the flame, and a green line began to slow down to the purple. It seemed that he did not want to kill her for a moment, and the flames were very slow. He screamed and leaped two steps to the right. The flame followed. A purple and a step back, the vest has to rely on Xiaofeng hiding before the big stone. Pick up the stars and urge the inner force, and the flame will follow. The purple has gone back, is trying to jump to the side, the star son's sleeves waving, two strands of strong wind, left and right,Please login or register to view links, she can not avoid, the green fire is approaching. Xiaofeng saw green fire less than two feet away from her face,Please login or register to view links, nearly an inch,Please login or register to view links, and then an inch, then whispered: "don't be afraid, I'll help you." Then he reached out from behind the big stone and reached up to her waistcoat and said, "you can move your palm to the flames." Ah purple was frightened out of his wits and suddenly heard Xiao Feng's voice. He was re

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